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At this site players deposit their items (skins). At the end of 2 minutes long round the system chooses 1 winner, who gets all the deposited items. Winner is defined randomly, winchance depends on cost of deposited items.
PRINCIPLE IS SIMPLE: The more is the total cost of items you bet, the greater is the chance to get jackpot. Nevertheless, even beting 1 cent (1ยข) gives you an ability to win jackpot!
  • 1. You deposit your items by sending a trade offer to our bot with "Deposit items" button. You may deposit up to 15 skins at once for total value not less than 0.01$.
  • 2. We convert traded items to points according to items' cost. Each 1 cent gives you 1 point (1$ - 100 points). Winchance depends on points quantity. The more items you deposit - the greater is the chance.
  • 3. In the end of round we gather all the points and randomly choose one winner, but the players with more points have higher priority. Winner gets all the items.
In the begging of each game shows a round hash - it's an encrypted through the md5 algorithm round number. At the end of the round shows decoded round number, and you can easy check that it didn't change during a game. You can encrypt round number through the md5 algorithm and be sure, that it concur with a round hash, for example via The Service multiplies a round number by total bank in cents, and choose the winner.
  • 1. Maximal number of deposited items - 15 per trade. There is no cost cap for items, deposit may start from minimal total item cost of 0.01$.
  • 2. For events and site developement we charge a fee from each game - up to 10% on a sum of winning. Random skins of the general deposit are taken as a Service Commission.
  • 3. Deposits and winnings withdraw are proceeded almost instantly (up to 5 minutes).
  • 4. Each time you deposit items, you agree to site's terms of use.
  • 5. If your inventory is closed, the next and the last attempt to resend winnings will be in 1 hour.
  • 6. Only CS:GO items are applied. All other items will be traded, but not accounted to site. Also we may guarantee proper item cost estimation only when the item is available at Steam market, otherwise your item cost may be wrong.
  • 7. Souvenir items are forbidden to deposit, such trades will be canceled.
  • 8. If you do not pick up the win in 24 hours, it will be canceled. It is necessary to keep the bot`s inventories clean. Please accept offer in right time.
  • 9. If you canceled a trade or sent a conter-offer, your items will not be returned to you, as bot is not designed to resend items.
  • 10. If our bot gets banned during 30 minutes after the end of match, we compensate only the bet, not the winnings.
  • 11. If you bet during last 30 seconds of match, there is a probability that your items will go to the next game: Steam sometimes delays trade proceeding.
  • 12. We reserve the right to send the trade offer containing random items with a total value equivalent of items you sent if they didn't get into game.
  • 13. We reserve the right to send the winner a prize containing random items with a total value equivalent to the items from the drawing if the prize has not been delivered on time.
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Be ensure that your Steam inventory is public
if not, you will not receive your prize!